About us

Behind every great software are chiefs driving digital transformation
We love software. Since a very young age we've toyed with some of the first machines in personal computing including a DEC Rainbow 100, the Macintosh and an Olivetti M200.

Software has come a long way since those days, and is now ubiquitous in people's personal and work lives. And yet, while software access has drastically improved, the enterprise software market still lacks the transparency, collaboration and accuracy that we have come to expect from other markets like car buying, real estate and more recently salaries (thank you Glassdoor).

With chief.io we want to create a place where enterprise software users like you and me can learn from each other and share important knowledge, helping all of us in return make better decisions at work.

We give you the freedom to connect with the people who are relevant to you and can help you get the advice you need. So join us on chief.io and contribute your experience.

- chief.io team